Milos Cernak

Principal engineer at Logitech

CTO-AI office EPFL - Quartier de l'Innovation Daniel Borel Innovation Center Lausanne, Switzerland

Machine Learning for Consumer Electronics: Opportunities and Challenges


We see a higher demand for voice processing in consumer electronics, potentially driven by the still ongoing pandemic, increased remote collaboration, and the need for touchless experiences. This talk will cover current opportunities and challenges in using audio machine learning for consumer electronics, focusing on on-device processing, personalization, and self-supervised learning. I will also demonstrate applied machine learning for innovative video collaboration and gaming.

Short bio

Milos is a principal engineer at the CTO office in Logitech, based in Lausanne, Switzerland. He applies audio processing and machine learning for innovative experiences. Besides, he also further contributes to basic audio and speech science. Before joining Logitech, Milos was a senior engineer and research associate at Idiap Research Institute in Switzerland, R&D engineer at IBM Research in Prague, and post-doc at Eurecom in Sophia-Antipolis, France. He graduated from Slovak Technical University in Bratislava.